Installing the Pro Call Blocker is simple. Just follow our four-step Installation Guide below and see our Getting to Know Your Pro Call Blocker section to learn about the device and how to access its features.

Installation Guide

1. Insert your telephone line into the RJ-11 socket, which is marked ‘To Line’ on the reverse of the Pro Call Blocker.

2. Your Pro Call Blocker will come with a patch cord. Connect one end of the patch cord to the socket labelled ‘To Phone’, and connect the other end to your phone.

3. (Optional) The plastic bracket which is included with the Pro Call Blocker can be inserted either in the top or the bottom of the device for desk or wall-mounted installation.

4. Your Pro Call Blocker is now ready for use!

Please Note:┬áThe above guide describes the ‘In Series’ method of installation. The Pro Call Blocker may also be installed ‘In Parallel’ by using a splitter. See our FAQ page for additional information.

Getting to Know Your Pro Call Blocker

1. Select the Current Year

As part of the installation, we recommend that you set the year on the device to the current year. Press the ‘SET’ button, then manually select the year by scrolling with the ‘LEFT’ and ‘RIGHT’ arrow keys.

Your caller ID facility should automatically detect the date and time when a call is received.

2. Adjust LCD Brightness

There are four levels of screen brightness to choose from. To change your device’s screen settings press the ‘SET’ key and navigate to the corresponding item in the settings menu.

Press the ‘LEFT’ or ‘RIGHT’ arrow keys to select the desired level of brightness, then press the ‘SET’ key once more to confirm.

Press the ‘REMOVE’ key once to exit this setting.

3. Checking Incoming and Outgoing Phone Numbers

To check incoming calls, simply press the ‘LEFT’ or ‘RIGHT’ arrows keys. You will then be able to scroll up and down through all the incoming numbers.

To check all outgoing calls, first press the ‘OUT’ key before scrolling with the ‘LEFT’ and ‘RIGHT’ arrow keys.

The telephone number and the time and date of all incoming and outgoing calls will be displayed on the screen.

4. Adding a Number to the Blacklist

To add a number to the Pro Call Blocker’s Blacklist, and to permanently block that number from calling you, first find the number in either your incoming or outgoing call list using the methods described above (stage 3).

Once you locate the number, press the ‘BLACKLIST’ key and the number will be added to the Blacklist. If successful, the display will show ‘SAVE’ and ‘SUCCEED’. You will see ‘REP’ displayed on screen if a number has already been added to your Blacklist.

If you wish to add a number that is not found in either the incoming or outgoing list, simply enter the number using the dial pad of the telephone connected to the Pro Call Blocker. Once you have input the number, press the ‘BLACKLIST’ key and the number will be saved.

Once a number has been added to the Blacklist, all incoming calls from that number will be blocked automatically. The Pro Call Blocker will intercept the call and disconnect the caller immediately. The caller will hear only silence.

5. Removing a Number from a List

If at any point you wish to remove a number from the list of incoming, outgoing or blacklisted numbers, simply locate the number and press the ‘REMOVE’ key once. The number will then be deleted from the device.

Warning: Please note that if you press and hold the ‘REMOVE’ key for 3 seconds or more, all incoming and outgoing numbers, and all numbers stored in the device’s blacklist, will be deleted.

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