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1. Does the Pro Call Blocker work with VOIP lines?

Yes. Pro Call Blocker was designed primarily to work with standard lines (PSTN and POTS lines), but the unit has been tested and works well with a number of VOIP lines, including Comcast and MagicJack.

Please Note:

If you’re having any issues programming your Pro Call Blocker for your particular carrier (either PSTN or VOIP), we recommend that you try programming the device using an alternative carrier.

Once programmed on the alternative carrier, you can then connect the device to the original phone line and it should work without any further issue.

Since the Pro Call Blocker has been thoroughly tested and has had no issues on the MagicJack VOIP line, we highly recommend this line to program your unit.

2. What method of installation do you recommend?

There are two ways of installing the Pro Call Blocker: ‘In Series’, and ‘In Parallel’.

‘In Series’ installation involves connecting your phone(s) directly to the ‘To Phone’ port of the Pro Call Blocker. ‘In Parallel’ sees both the Pro Call Blocker and telephone connected to a splitter, which is then connected to the telephone line. See below diagram for connection types:

Call Blocker Instructions

The main difference between the two types of installation is that with the ‘In Parallel’ installation you will continue to receive Caller ID information on your existing phones. With the ‘In Series’ method this information may sometimes be lost (your phone will display ‘Incoming Call’ rather than Caller ID).

3. Why does my Caller ID stop working when my telephone is connected to the Pro Call Blocker?

This occurs when the Caller ID signal in the telephone line is weak. To help boost the Caller ID signal to your telephone, try using the ‘In Parallel’ method of installation.

4. Can I block incoming calls from unidentified or withheld phone numbers?

The Pro Call Blocker will successfully and permanently block all unidentified calls that show as ’000-000-0000′ on the display. If ‘———’ is displayed, the number cannot be blocked (though these occurrences are rare).

5. Why does my unit continue to block numbers even after I press the ‘REMOVE’ button to erase all stored number from the device?

This happens occasionally when the Pro Call Blocker remains connected to the telephone line. To resolve the issue, simply unplug the device from the line, wait 30 seconds, and then plug it back in.

Press the ‘BLACKLIST’ button to see if the numbers are still stored in the Blacklist memory. If the numbers you want to delete are still present, press and hold the ‘REMOVE’ button for 3 seconds. You should now see ‘Delete …. Succeed’ displayed on the screen. The unit is now clean and will no longer block any numbers.

6. Why does my unit display LOCK when I connect it to the phone line?

This means that your device is locked, and you will need to enter the unlock code before you can use it. There are two codes for locking and unlocking the Pro Call Blocker: *000111# and *123456# – and these codes allow you to ‘toggle’ between LOCK and UNLOCK.

Try the first code (*000111#). If this code is successful, the LOCK message will change to UNLOCK and you will now be able to use the device. If this code does not work, input the second code (*123456#). 

Input these codes on your telephone dial pad, and make sure that your telephone is connected to the ‘To Phone’ port on the Pro Call Blocker.

7. I have a list of number I would like to block. Can I input these number into the Blacklist manually, or must I wait for them to call me before I can block them?

Yes, you can add these numbers manually into the Pro Call Blocker’s Blacklist. There is no need to wait for callers to attempt to contact you before you can successfully block their numbers.

To add a number, connect a telephone to the ‘To Phone’ port on your Pro Call Blocker. Input the number you wish to block using your telephone’s dial pad, and hang up quickly before it rings.

Press the ‘OUT’ key, and use the ‘LEFT’ and ‘RIGHT’ arrow keys to find the number in your outgoing calls list. Once you have located the number, press the ‘BLACKLIST’ button to add it to the device’s Blacklist memory.

Repeat these steps to manually add additional numbers to the Blacklist.

This occurs with many phone services because the Caller ID signal strength is not strong enough to pass the information to the telephone via the Pro Call Blocker.

8. Will my phone still ring when a number in the Blacklist tries to call?

There are two factors which determine whether a blacklisted number will ring:

1. If the Pro Call Blocker is installed ‘In Series’ you should hear no ring at all when a number in your blacklist attempts to call. If the device is set up ‘In Parallel’, then you may hear 1 or 2 rings before the Pro Call Blocker disconnects the blacklisted number.

2. Normally, telephone providers send the Caller ID information ahead of the ring signals. Which means that the Pro Call Blocker has time to recognise the number and suppress the call. Some telephone providers, however, send the Caller ID information at the same time as the ring signal, which gives the Pro Call Blocker no time to suppress the ring signal.

If the Caller ID and ring signal are sent at the same time, you may hear 1 or 2 rings before the call is successfully blocked.

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