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Block unwanted calls with the touch of a button!

Put a Stop to Unwanted and Nuisance Telephone Calls with the Pro Call Blocker

Unwanted calls are a big problem. Households are continually disturbed by UK and overseas call centres, and 1.6 billion unwanted or nuisance calls are made each year in the UK – that’s over 4 million unwanted calls every single day…

Complete Call Control

Block nuisance phone calls permanently. If you’re tired of being bothered over the phone – if you’re fed up of being interrupted by someone trying to sell you something or get you to make a claim – the Pro Call Blocker offers a complete, all-in-one solution.

How Does it Work?

Small, compact and easy to set up, the Pro Call Blocker works alongside your telephone provider’s caller ID (which is free with BT and most other providers). When you receive an unwanted or nuisance call, just press the ‘Blacklist’ button. It’s as simple as that. The number will be permanently blocked from calling and pestering you.

With the ability to add any number to the caller blacklist, the Pro Call Blocker isn’t just useful for preventing sales and marketing calls. You can quickly put an end to malicious calls, and the annoyance and anxiety they cause.

Fight back. Get control over your phone line and enjoy being left in peace, free to do those things you enjoy. Find out more about the Pro Call Blocker and visit our product page for more information.

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